Monday, 13 March 2006

Wherever you go, pug-rank follows

Here's a blog-entry from Nickey on the official Google blog.

A good number of folks, especially women, would qualify Nickey with adjectives such as "cho-chweet". Guys would too, but they'd acknowledge it only to their girlfriends or significant others... anyway, that's not the main reason why I'm posting.

My question is, why would Nickey elicit a "cho-chweet" response, while the the maniacal Mr Tinkles of the Cats and Dogs fame come quite low on the cuteness index? After all, Mr Tinkles looks more well-groomed than Nickey does. So, what makes people rate an animal (or any other character) as cute, or otherwise?

My theory comes in one of my next posts, hopefully in a few days' time.

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