Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Nike & holi

Managed to come across some very good advertisements recently, thought I'll write about them:


Not only has the airing of this advertisment been timed very well with the world cup season, it also captures the Indian love for the game very accurately. As soon as the advertisement starts, the traffic stops, and the cricketers take over. It doesn't matter who's bowling or who's batting.. it's just the game that has to be played.. the game has to go on till the fat lady sings, or in this case, the traffic starts moving.

When the first batsman hits the ball too hard and the bowler goes "kya kar raha hai, yaar?", it's almost like the kids playing in a neighbourhood street with rules like "if you hit the ball beyond that wall, you're out". There's more that makes the ad very Indian - the chicken that pops its head out of the basket, the kerosene lanterns, the elephant that adds to the madness, the confused thulla.. it's hard to make out it's a Nike ad except for the less than half-a-second frame where the familiar swoosh pops by.

A donation
A friend shared this link with me on the day of Holi. Unless you've seen this before, make sure you watch this clip till the end.

I'm surprised on not having seen this on television. I would expect this to be a lot more effective than the Aishwarya Rai advertisements that used to be aired on the same subject.



yeah chiranth..visiting ur blog after long time.. the first time i saw this ad was on the day previous to holi...! its too good.. i was totally impressed with this ad.. :)..but when i pulled a cubicle mate and showed him the same ad... he said what big deal with this ad.....so good to see someone who liked this ad ! :)

chiranth said...

hi Karthik,

well, that's how advertisements are - no ad ever seems to have universal appeal :-( makes life difficult for the marketing blokes.

BTW, which ad were you talking about - the nike one or the one for the blind? and I haven't seen you blog in a while.. wassup?

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