Saturday, 14 February 2009

FastTrack gone offtrack with its advertising?

Radio One was recently airing some advertising for FastTrack’s new Army Collection. They were inviting women to send in jingles that go with a marching tune, and played a sample jingle on air. Here are the lyrics to that sample:
Get up and leave
if he tries to kiss your hand
He’s a one-girl man;
He ain’t a one-night stand
Corollary: if one comes across a girl wearing a Fast Track army watch, can one presume she is looking for a one-night-stand?

Jokes apart, why would FastTrack want to restrict their customer base to an ultra-liberal crowd instead of having mass appeal to the entire 18-25 age group, irrespective of how conservative/liberal they are, irrespective of what their preferences in relationships are? Does their advertising tactic make sense for a consumer products' company?

A thought on Friday, the 13th

Doesn't the 14th of Feb impose an unnecessary, unwarranted, and artificial deadline on a Work-In-Progress situation?

Work update

I've joined Adea Technologies ( more than a month back. Yeah, I used to work here earlier too. Familiar people, familiar work, let's see how this stint goes.