Saturday, 25 February 2006

Google Page Creator

Google has introduced a Page Creator for publishing web pages online.

Keeping up the tradition of gmail, the interface of this tool seems slick and user friendly. Apparently, this is still in beta (why am I even saying this?)

Anyway, check it out at

Wednesday, 22 February 2006

Paheli @ IIMA Chaos

I hit upon this interesting online game called Paheli set up by the blokes at IIM, Ahmedabad as part of IIMA-Chaos. There is also a blog to discuss hints, but I don't think anyone's posted on it recently.

I'm still stuck on level 15, with the sudoku.. I've never played sudoku before so I'm unsure how much time I might take to wrap this level.

Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Google Talk now on Gmail

Google has modified the gmail interface so that GoogleTalk can now be integrated with it. More information available at

Is this a good thing? Yes, certainly. The reasons that Google lists are all fairly accurate. Yet, Google ought to provide the option of disabling this feature. The reasons are the constituents of the remainder of this post.

The biggest advantage of email (and regular snail-mail) over other forms of communication is that the recipient chooses when they should read it. I can see an email header and say, "Oh, it's that bloke again! I'll look at this when I have time on my hands." Now, instant messengers don't give you that kind of freedom. Once you've received a message, it might be considered rude if you don't reply back. Sure, you could set a busy icon. But it does not prevent those pestering windows from popping up when you least want them. At last count, I had a dozen friends on my GoogleTalk list. In the future, I may have loads more. I can't be certain that all of them would respect the meaning of a busy icon.

I do not have any instant messenger program installed on my system at work purely for this reason. I remember hearing a story a few days back of a few office workers who'd gathered around a bloke's desk to discuss work, and POP! comes up a message window with some cupid-inspired emoticons. Pretty embarrassing, huh? Imagine the same thing happening simply because you'd logged into your email.

I, for one, would disable this feature on my gmail interface if I had the chance. Else, I'd just stop accessing gmail at work.

It appears that the chat feature can be turned off. Please see
I guess the Google guys have their heart in the right place :)

Monday, 6 February 2006

End of another weekend

So, another weekend goes by. The coming week shall give me some things I'm looking forward to, and some things that we could've done without.

I met some of my future ISBian classmates yesterday. There were loads of us, a dozen, I think. Some of the seniors from the class of 2005 had joined us, too. Was able to get a peek into a few post-ISB life. Looks like I'm headed to face intersting times.

Today was a perfect Sunday. I woke up no earlier than 2:00 PM, started playing with my laptop from the word go..; and I reckon I'm still playing. Added more friends on orkut, bookmarked a whole lot of blogs. Later in the evening, I tried my hand at studying Quantitative Methods, but I start feeling drowsy the moment I start reading the print of The 10-Day MBA

Hmm, now the week ahead. A dreaded file format shall continue to haunt me. It's challenging and interesting, so I don't really mind being haunted. But please don't give me any more cryptic surprises!

And it's going to be M's last day at work this Wednesday. It's been good to have you on the team, mate. Hope you enjoy yourself in your next job.

Friday, 3 February 2006

my latest toy

I got hold of my Dell laptop yesterday, but it took me the better part of this evening to set it up for my emails and stuff..

Well, one thing's certain -- widescreen's good. Really good. Hate to think of the real estate I've been missing all this while.

Thanks to the lack of an easily-available digital camera, I shall take my own sweet time to post a pic of this silver-coloured beauty.