Sunday, 5 March 2006


Whew! it's been one of the most hectic weeks this year. I guess it's the shape of things to come. Let me run it down, day by day.

Monday: Our release is already late by two days. We've promised to make it happen by one in the afternoon, so that our client can see the release notification in his inbox the moment he sees his email. Ah, but what's the name of the famous law-maker who's name starts with M? Well, one of his theories kicked in I guess, and the release didn't go at one. Well, A did try his level best to debug at the fastest pace to see the release through. But no luck. We finally managed to send out the release at seven in the evening. Total delay: three days. And my contribution on Monday: four lines of code change in eight hours. Damn! Or, maybe Wow!

Tuesday: Resignation day. Had a chat with our Vice-President of HR and put in my papers. Though I'd kept the letter ready for quite some time, I felt a certain emptiness sending the email out.

Wednesday: The first of March. New month. My last in Adea. Our CEO's trip to our office in Bangalore has finally started.

Thursday: Had a three-on-one discussion with our CEO. Three of us from our team, that is to say. We spoke for about an hour.. lots of points covered, from the current affairs in our company, to position in the market, to what not.

Friday: The loan panic has started. The ISB micro-site lists March 10th as the last date for loan applications from Round-1 admits. Huh? And this information's given out 10 days in advance?!? Oh c'mon, this is ridiculous! Thankfully, an email flies by in the isb-pgp group saying that the last date for all loan applications is the 20th of March. Gotta verify that with the banks though.

And I poured more money down the drain to save on taxes. Farewell, my dear money, go and help build the Indian economy, sob sob, when will I see you again? sob sob.

Saturday: It hit me at around 4:00 AM on saturday that I need my Form 16s for the last three years if I want to apply for a loan at SBI. Turns out that my Form 16 for the year 2003-2004 is missing. I don't have a copy, I don't have a clue where it is. Might take me a massive search operation in my cupboards to find the piece of paper (if I have it). Else, a visit to the finance department is the first thing to be done on Monday.

Now, the plan for Sunday. There's a meet of B'lore ISBians in the evening at a place that's twenty feet high. Strange, lots of places I know are at least 20 feet high...

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