Sunday, 5 March 2006

More missing docs

Uggh.. I've got more and more obstacles in my loan application.

I don't have all my bank statements for the last three years. My bank statements till September 2003 are missing in action.

I don't recall Andhra Bank asking for my bank statements - they only want my guarantor's. Thankfully, my Dad's a lot more organised than I am. I hope it turns out OK.


Kiran said...

Andhra Bank asks for 3 years statement? Isnt that a little too much. BTW, I just started doing my research on the loan options. And as luck would have it, my parents are in Mumbai till 19th. Planning to get some friends to sign for guarantor since my Dad won't be back till 19th to furnish all the docs etc. Crazy couple of weeks ahead.
I trust you have completed your loan apps by now. Good for ya.

chiranth said...

Umm. no, AB asks for only six months' statements.

And there was a clarification that said that even SBI asks for six months' statements. But I've not been able to verify this.