Friday, 24 March 2006

Loan trouble; nay, speed-post trouble

At around 12 noon, I called up Andhra Bank asking what's happening to my loan application; and it looks like my loan app has not reached them at all. Well, it's been over a week since I sent the thing by Speed Post, but the bank says they haven't seen my application at all.

The Speed Post tracker (yes, it does exist) says that my package's been delivered to the Cyberabad Post Office (where Hi-Tec Towers are located) on 17 March. Well, the Andhra Bank branch is lying somewhere in Hi-Tec towers, the package should have reached them, shouldn't it? Well, there's been a screw-up somewhere.

Thankfully, I decided to call up AB today and not tomorrow, 'cos it's given me enough time to write up another app and send it to AB (the deadline for the apps is the 25th). My app's all done and packaged waiting to go out. And I'm using Blue Dart this time.

Update (01/04/06): The speed-post that I'd sent to Andhra Bank came back on Wednesday. Reason: There is no such person as Mr NR in Andhra Bank, Madhapur branch. Hmm, interesting. I ought to sue Blue Dart then, for delivering my package to a non-existent person.

BTW, my loan-app that I sent through Blue Dart has reached AB, and has been duly processed and approved.

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