Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Graduation Snaps

Here are some snaps from our convocation rehearsal, the class photo-session and the convocation ceremony.

More snaps here

the stage is set

shine on you...

crossing swords

with my parents

our class is too big for a single snap

walking in to the makeshift auditorium...

... and Mr Tee poses for the camera

Back to Term-2: A crash course in macroeconomics


oops! I threw my hat too high!

hat throwing: take-2

waiting for the snaps to be burnt to CD... didn't anyone study Service Ops Management?

ISB's class of 2007: the final handshake

Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Placement Story

When watching TV last night, I hit upon CNN-IBN playing this news snippet:

To quote from the text version from CNN-IBN's site
Five students from the prestigious Indian School of Business have bagged international jobs worth Rs one crore annually with the highest clocking Rs 1.2 crore.
Five crorepatis? Well, sure 416 is a big class, but I didn't know it was big enough for me to miss meeting (or even knowing) these five classmates of mine.

Update [17 April 2007]
After intense speculation, some friends of mine & I did come up with five possibilities who could have hit the one-plus mark. So I (probably) do know these five classmates of mine.

Comment on an earlier post

I received a pretty strongly worded comment on one of my earlier posts titled Tale of two networks I thought it deserved the attention of another full post.

Here goes the comment by Mr Anonymous (or maybe Ms Anonymous):
Your stand about viral marketing in Tagged.com is a clear stupidity. It's still at your own discretion whether you want to send invitation to the list in your addressbook.

Haven't you wonder that it just makes easier for you to send invitation to your friends. If you think about blogging something , think twice before posting it.
Hmm... it looks like I touched someone's nerve there.

OK, Mr Anonymous, please look at another post of mine - First Gazzag, now Tagged & Facebox. Now you say it is at the user's discretion whether to send invitation to the list in his/her addressbook. Then please explain to me how to avoid the screen that I've listed in Step 3 which not only asked me for my hotmail password, but also refused to allow me to go ahead unless I typed the password in. It takes quite a bit of ingenuity to bypass this step - something that the average hotmail/yahoo user would not be able to do - therefore it is no longer at the user's discretion as to whom to invite.

Your last question was if it doesn't just makes easier for me to send invitation to my friends? No, it does not. It just adds to the spam in my friends' mailboxes. And I detest spam, especially if it goes out in my name without my explicit intention.


We graduated on a sunny Saturday morning under a lot of glare. Proud parents, smiling guests, excited faculty - it must be the most memorable day for most of my classmates.

Huge posters saying "Graduation - Class of 2007" hung on either sides of the door of a makeshift auditorium. And when we entered it, we were welcomed by a roar that still rings in my ears. I'd seen a lot of videos where a person walks down through an eagerly anticipating crowd and when I experienced that for myself, I did feel like a celebrity, even though it was for a tiny fleeting moment.

Well, I am an MBA now. I did enjoy the one year I spent at b-school and learned a few things along the way. Maybe I could have learned a lot more. Nevertheless, I'm happy, and my parents are proud.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Going offline

My laptop loses network connectivity tomorrow. So, I guess this'll be my last post from ISB. We have our convocation this weekend.. finally I'll be an MBA. Reminds me, I ought to change my "about me" description.

What's next for me? A few weeks in Bangalore; then about five days in Leh (really looking forward to this one); another week in Bangalore; and then I return to full-time employement in Hyderabad.