Sunday, 5 March 2006

Online puzzles

I'd posted something about a game called Paheli earlier. Well the link for that has changed - thanks to a lack of bandwidth - and the game can now be found here.

BTW, I still have not finished Paheli.. stuck on level 23 with a clue showing a picture of a city and a picture of gold buiscuits. Let's see where that goes.

During the time I didn't find the alternate link for Paheli, I found another game by the IIM-Indore blokes called klueLESS. Yes, there is a blog to discuss hints. I've completed this game, all 30 levels of it. I did receive a congratulatory note from the folks behind it. They've acknowledged over 800 people for completing the game - and there are more un-acknowledged ones out there.

Apparently, both games have taken the idea from notpron, which is claims itself to be the hardest riddle on the Internet, something that only 96 people have cracked completely. Well, here's my take. It may be difficult all right. But the reason why only a few people can crack it is that it's got over a 100 levels. Even if one is smart enough to get over the difficulty, one might not have the time to solve as many levels.

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