Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Holidays != no work

The last two days have been more hectic than any two days in the last term. Having procrastinated a lot for the first two days of the term break, I finally started work on the four competitions and the PaEV submission sometime on Monday morning. Here's the timeline.

1100 - Wake up, smell the coffee
1130 - Start working on Entrepid. Can't believe I'm doing DMOP again.
1330 - Hide & Seek serve as breakfast. Yes, I know the time, thank you.
1500 - Sid calls. Time to break off from Entrepid, and start work on PaEV.
1530 - Meeting at the cafe. Pizza & cold cofee a good lunch make.
1600 - Sid & I set up shop in the library.
1900 - Data, data everywhere, but not a clue to think.
2045 - burst of inspiration! Google rocks! Powerpoint sucks!
2230 - one document down, one more to go, but it's time for a dinner break.
0000 - both documents done. now to work on the b-plan competition.
0030 - numbers not good. Company is the second biggest money guzzler in history.
0045 - numbers changed. Now it's the biggest money guzzler in history.
0050 - Drastic changes! Layoffs! Salary cuts!
0115 - Give up. This is of no use. Hope that sanity shall return with the sun.
0130 - chat with Dee. Discuss next steps for the next day.
0145 - party going on in SV1 lawns
0150 - SG on the violin. AG on the tabla. SD on the whiskey.
0200 - a quick swig of signature :-)
0230 - back in my room, checking emails, playing catch-up on orkut.
0245 - Entrepid deadline's postponed. Leaves me Ashwamedha & Papyrus to work on.
0250 - Start dawdling on Ashwamedha.
0330 - Still dawdling on Ashwamedha.
0400 - The meaning of the first case hits me! I see light!
0415 - Wah Taj! Cuppa black tea. Wish I had lemon.
0430 - Yahoo! chat with my cousin. He advises me to sleep. Ha, I reply.
0500 - back to the case. Time to test my writing skills.
0745 - my hard disk starts creaking. Shut down laptop. Need a break anyway.
0800 - Skimpy-clothed models on Channel V
0820 - Skimpy-clothed models on MTV
0840 - Skimpy-clothed models on Channel V
0845 - Another cuppa black tea. Again, no lemon.
0900 - back to the case. hard disk still creaking.
0945 - the first case is done, whew!
1000 - AM reviews my write-up. "As arbit as the case", he says.
1100 - searching for inspiration to analyse the second case.
1200 - still searching for inspiration
1300 - start writing..
1400 - eyes heavy.. need to finish this doc before I can sleep.
1800 - hmm.. it's dark. great, I must've fallen asleep. now back to the doc
2200 - dinner at Kan's place
2330 - half an hour to the deadline. kase komplete! send out analysis to the IIMI blokes.
2345 - ooh, that was a quick reply. Oh, they've postponed the deadline #$%@!&*^!@

Time to get on with the other competitions...


Anonymous said...

at least the dinner was good :)
My 6 pieces of bread as contribution!
IIMI walon ki toh...

chiranth said...

yep, it was a fantastic dinner. looking forward to tomorrow's treat :-)

Anonymous said...

blog has a funtastic look. great work.

chiranth said...

thanks :-)

educatedunemployed said...

Is that a 36 day cycle you just chalked out or am I missing some thing??

chiranth said...


nopes, it was a 36, rather 37, hour cycle. It went up to 48 hours before I crashed into a deeeeep slumber, but the remainder wasn't too interesting.

Suresh S said...

Phew! whats that schedule chiranth. Seems the 24hr routine seemed to have mercilessly dragged to 36/37hr or as u said 48hr schedule. In any case i feel it would have left u fully drained out of resources.

Hitha's Space said...

Thanks :) i think it is ctrl+shift+del if u want to thrash for good. crl+alt+del is for locking the screen :)

This is u r vaction routine staying up for 36hrs woow so how does u r term days go?? 54 hrs at a stretch. u guys really work hard.good luck for u r new term hope u got all the electives u wanted :)

chiranth said...


well, it depends on the assignments and submissions, but it usually doesn't get as bad..

yep, I did manage to get the electives I'd bid for. so that's a headache less.

shivangi said... looks nice !!
i visited after a looooong time...still as interesting as ever :)

chiranth said...

thank you :)