Sunday, 8 October 2006

New look :-)

I finally gave this blog a long-due touch up. Stuff that I've changed:
  • White's out, black's in.
  • Fonts are a lot cleaner.
  • The blog now uses a larger screen width than earlier. So one has to scroll a lot lesser.
  • There's now a dynamic blogroll that's generated out of my bloglines account - yes, it has a few bugs (some of the links point to my blog, not the ones they're supposed to), but I'm hoping to fix that soon.
  • New links for accessing atom feeds through Google/Yahoo/Bloglines feed readers.
I hope I can put in as much effort into the PaEV submissions that are due on Wednesday.

Update: the blogroll issue has been fixed.


Suresh S said...

Wow! thats what I felt when i clicked ur blog link just a whle bck. U have given it a complete make over! well done yaar. Now it looks so gud!

Anonymous said...

looks just as sexy n cute as u ;)
PS: black n blue describes u perfectly in my opinion

chiranth said...


thanks, but let's take that comparison with me offline, shall we?

educatedunemployed said...

I like the new look.I agree the font is not so bad on the eyes.Not yet atleast.

educatedunemployed said...

Hmm, how does this dynamic blogroll thing work??

chiranth said...


thank you!

Here's how dynamic blogroll works. You subscribe to a your favourite blogs on bloglines. Then you use the "share" feature on bloglines that leads you to the blogroll wizard. Voila, the wizard generates a nifty piece of html which if included on an html page, will generate your dynamic blogroll.

Buzz me on messenger if you need more help.

educatedunemployed said...

Hey thanks, I will try this.Will let you know if I was susccessful and I meant 36 hours cycle..And I thought I was the reigning queen of insomniacs.:)