Friday, 13 October 2006

Two 'P's fail

There's a concept that details the four Ps of marketing - products, place, price and promotion. Recently, when someone mentioned "packaging" as one of the Ps, I was stumped. A friend was kind enough to drop a hint in my ear, "If you'd read Kotler, you'd know that some people consider Packaging as the fifth P." Anyway, I'm not trying to highlight my ignorance with this post, so read on...

A really successful company had this nifty idea of repackaging their product. They wrapped up it up in a flashy cover that also served as a carry bag. Pretty convenient for the consumer, one might think. Strangely, the retailers always give the customer a carry-bag with the product, even if no other product were purchased. The carry bags are always black in colour - so the logo of the product isn't visible to anyone. So no secondary advertising there. Bit of a flop marketing exercise, eh?

The company: United Breweries
The product: McDowell's Whiskey


Anonymous said...

stop drinking so much!

chiranth said...

define "so much"

educatedunemployed said...

Ha ha No wonder you found my question inappropriate.

But this makes you think indeed.No I am not bragging I understand B-school/book jargon.Just the thought behind the concept.

And seriously do you ever sleep?

chiranth said...


And seriously do you ever sleep?
As my last post mentioned, I did fall asleep between 1400 and 1800 hrs on the 11th of October. The answer to your question is "yes" :D