Sunday, 1 October 2006

I'm moving back!!

What's worse than suffering from an injury? Self-inflicting some more.

As if tearing a ligament wasn't bad enough, I deliberately asked for permission from the ASA to move to the first row. And they didn't have the heart to deny my request. I ended up sacrificing a perfectly-hidden last-row seat to swap places with SR in my last term. Then it got worse. Not knowing how long my injury would take to recover, I asked ASA to allow me to continue on my first row seat this term too.

But I'm getting better now. And I now have a chance to redeem myself. AB's now been casted and is on a wheelchair. And thanks to the limitation of the wheelchair, he has to swap his last-row seat with me. So, AA & KanKan, I'm going to be your new neighbour for the last few days of the term :-)

BTW, here's a pic of me handing over the baton, er.. crutch.


Suresh S said...

Nice to hear that u r recovering from the injury. All set to enjoy your perfectly hidden last row seat last in the classroom. A perfect niche i guess!

Ford Prefect said...

Dude.. I was in the last row in term 4 ... and thank god for that ... with courses like SAIT , MO and GSB , front row can really cause irreparable damage ... BTW I managed to avoid the front row in all 8 terms at ISB ;-)

chiranth said...

Wow, that's nice. Do they allow us to choose our seats in the elective terms? Or does ASA prepare the seating grid?

ankur said...

nah...they dont allow u to choose...but then the electives r smaller there is always space in the 'strategic' rows. yah..u got to be smart abt it.
this one time when i got the front row...i went to the TA...and told her...i got shortsightedness...cant read the board rm this close..and she goes...i never saw u in specs..and i went...duhhh...which is why i cant read the board..!!
last row..!! :) no further questions asked..

chiranth said...


Thanks for that.. will try an alteration of that story, in case i have to.