Saturday, 8 April 2006

Saturday != Saturday

This saturday was quite different from my usual saturdays. For one, it didn't feel like a weekend at all. Typically, Saturdays mornings involve the following conversation with my Mum.

Mum: Chiru! eddelu, hanneradu ghante aayitu! (Chiru! wake up, it's 12 o'clock!)
Me : zzzzz
Mum: Chiru! Chiru!
Me : umm? hmm.. zzzzz

Well, you get the general state of affairs.

Today was a much different story. Having been off-work for a week, I didn't even realise it was a Saturday. And I woke up at 10:20, really, really early for a Saturday. Considering that I slept at 4:00 last night, it felt quite strange to be up that early. Well, before you start applauding at my Saturday feat, I must warn you that it was a phone call that woke me up. Vinod wanted to ask me how much time was left for him to fill up ISB's ELP survey. I must've mumbled an incoherent reply, for he was soon saying "OK, go back to your sleep". But the reverse happened - I woke up.

An hour later, I was at our bank (this is the third day this week I've found myself at the bank), trying to get hold of a statement of something. A few hours later, I was catching up on some much needed sleep. Sleep done, I pulled my suitcases and bags out. Didn't start packing - it's too early, but I just got the stuff out. It's still not hit me that I'd be in a different city a week from now. And considering the number of things I need to do before I leave Blr, I'm surely taking things very lightly.

Well, evening was more of the lemonade game.. looks like I'm getting very addicted to it. Latest news on the lemonade scene is that Sharad has managed a profit of $125. Put up a screenshot, mate!

I'm about to end the day with more lemonade with a dash of Freakonomics. Good night.

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