Friday, 28 April 2006

Go, fetch!!

A few days back, some of us decided to form a new club at ISB - the water polo club. Unfortunately, we never swam in that direction. Until today.

Finding ourselves in the pool at six in the evening, we decided to play water polo. As enlightened about the rules of water polo as we are about accountancy, it turned out to be a game of catch-the-ball-if-you-can. Thanks to some real long throws by Sushim & Tuhin, it felt more like a game of Water Dog, with the thrower screaming "Go, fetch!!" Yeah, Stuti's short throws altered the scream to a "Come, fetch" :-)

Anyway, it was fun.. hope to play again sometime over the weekend.

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Prinks said...

Hey chi

nice to see you playing polo. how was taj yesterday? didnt know you could swim.