Monday, 20 July 2015

Simplify the Facebook newsfeed (and regain some sanity)

There are a number of articles about how Facebook can cause or worsen depression.  
I can relate to some of these symptoms firsthand, and believe that there is a large dose of truth to what the above articles say.  And I am guilty of having way too many Facebook friends.  My friends' list is 800 people long not because I know all of them intimately, but because I was trying to be polite.  I didn't want to offend them by declining their friends' request.

So here's a fix I have been implementing on my Facebook news feed:

Here's my rationale: I am not interested in the lives of all the 800 odd people on my friends' list.  And unfollowing people is the one way to deal with the astounding amounts of clutter my newsfeed was serving me every time I log in.  

Yes, I am still following the absolute barest set of people whom I truly care about, or whose posts I find inspirational.  And my newsfeed is now a bit sane.

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