Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Placement Story

When watching TV last night, I hit upon CNN-IBN playing this news snippet:

To quote from the text version from CNN-IBN's site
Five students from the prestigious Indian School of Business have bagged international jobs worth Rs one crore annually with the highest clocking Rs 1.2 crore.
Five crorepatis? Well, sure 416 is a big class, but I didn't know it was big enough for me to miss meeting (or even knowing) these five classmates of mine.

Update [17 April 2007]
After intense speculation, some friends of mine & I did come up with five possibilities who could have hit the one-plus mark. So I (probably) do know these five classmates of mine.


arjun said...

Man, you guys mint $$

chiranth said...


Some of us, yes.

Others make ££, €€, CHF, or good ol' INR