Wednesday, 11 April 2007

Comment on an earlier post

I received a pretty strongly worded comment on one of my earlier posts titled Tale of two networks I thought it deserved the attention of another full post.

Here goes the comment by Mr Anonymous (or maybe Ms Anonymous):
Your stand about viral marketing in is a clear stupidity. It's still at your own discretion whether you want to send invitation to the list in your addressbook.

Haven't you wonder that it just makes easier for you to send invitation to your friends. If you think about blogging something , think twice before posting it.
Hmm... it looks like I touched someone's nerve there.

OK, Mr Anonymous, please look at another post of mine - First Gazzag, now Tagged & Facebox. Now you say it is at the user's discretion whether to send invitation to the list in his/her addressbook. Then please explain to me how to avoid the screen that I've listed in Step 3 which not only asked me for my hotmail password, but also refused to allow me to go ahead unless I typed the password in. It takes quite a bit of ingenuity to bypass this step - something that the average hotmail/yahoo user would not be able to do - therefore it is no longer at the user's discretion as to whom to invite.

Your last question was if it doesn't just makes easier for me to send invitation to my friends? No, it does not. It just adds to the spam in my friends' mailboxes. And I detest spam, especially if it goes out in my name without my explicit intention.


arjun said...

You have been too formal to this Mr.Anonymous. What stupid comments, isnt it obvious..

Sangeetha said...

Yo Chi, I back you in this! I detest spam too! :)

chiranth said...

'tis OK. Was intentional.

there's been another comment on the First Gazzag, now Tagged... post. Don't know if it's from the same person, maybe you'd like to read that too.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You speak the truth about the instaspam. That stuff gets old after a while. Thats why i never use hotmail or yahoo but rather buy my own domain so i can use the Catchall adresses to find out who screws you over with selling your email adress, and also to filter out crap. When i register at a new site i always use the domain name of the site as my mail adress. for example. If i do get spam into the adress i know who screwed me. A simple thing that many people dont know.

Anyways, Tagged sucks bigtime.

(posting under anonymous cause i dont remember my google password, sorry. I go by the name of cassus)

The guy above me with the huge post seems kinda insane btw.