Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Why did India lose to Bangladesh?

Question: why did India lose the opening match against Bangladesh?
Answer: because this is how they spent their practise session.


pratima said...

LOL! the pic is really funny!

I guess off late the cricket team is busy shooting for Ads than practising for the matches!! :-)

Benny said...
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Anonymous said...

yeah they might have lost due to bad play...

But just relating it to thier ads and their other stuff doesn't sound fair.

So what if they are playing other games, one should not concentrate on cricket only, for 24 Hrs.

and about their advts, how much time does it take? 1 day 2 days to shoot... do we know when did they did it?

Why media is not raising working of Navjyot Singh Siddhu in the Comedy show. He is (was?) MP. he should be working for people. But he is busy shooting for 1 Hr programme every week compared to cricketers.

Sorry, I don't have blogger id yet.. .so it's Annonymous


chiranth said...


Easy, dude!! 'twas a joke, nothing more.. doon't get all worked up.

I am not a fan of cricket, I didn't even watch the game; and I really don't care if we won or lost.

Anonymous said...

:) ok.
it was the reply after seeing all the critisizing mails, news.. etc.
This was the first place where I could write :D


Anonymous said...

if you want you can remove my comments ;)