Monday, 25 December 2006

PM on the steel industry

Excerpt from the PM's speech at the IISCO steel plant, Burnpur, West Bengal. Here's a link to the story on NDTV.

Why does Lakshmi Mittal or Ratan Tata have to buy foreign companies to establish a global presence and expand steel capacities when our per capita consumption of steel is so low and when there is so much opportunity here?

Let me see if I understand the PM's statement correctly. Is he suggesting that:
1. Mittal & Tata should not be establishing a global presence? OR
2. Mittal & Tata buy only Indian companies to establish a global presence? OR
3. Mittal & Tata should match their companies' production capacity only to match domestic demand, which currently happens to be low, but could rise in the future?

Maybe we should just stop attempting to make sense of ambigous statements made by politicians and assume they're playing to the crowd.


'jo said...

may be we should stop our attempts to understand PM speech....he has done that before and had to face the music...maybe he really should listen to the advice of Mani Shankar Aiyar and have a good speech writer like Rajeev Gandhi had...

chiranth said...


there is another possibility. Maybe his speech in entirety set the context of his statement appropriately, making the meaning of the statement clear.

But that's not what we got to hear. CNN-IBN focused only on this part of what he said, which clearly is confusing.

Anonymous said...

When you see a river then as an Engineer and an MBA you can do two things

1. You can measure the distance between the two banks and then measure the depth of the river. And then complain how much distance is there between the two banks.
2. You can construct a bridge.

In the era of leaders like Lalu, lets give some leeway to PM.
Let us make some sense out of it.

chiranth said...

Let us make some sense out of it

Yep, I was trying to do exactly that, but failed.

I would appreciate it if you could leave your name the next time you visit.

tpraja said...
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