Saturday, 16 December 2006

Advertisements, rebranding & bias

  • KitKat's latest advertisement shows people wearing pants twice the size they usually wear. So, is KitKat now a health food?
  • Sony Ericson advertises a music player.. it takes a while for the viewer to realise it's a mobile phone. Got to admit, I love this ad; should try to locate it on youtube sometime.
  • ThumsUp rebrands itself as a men's drink, something that women won't understand.
Seriously, what's up with these brands?


When on of our professors fired a "name three ads that you've seen today", we were stumped for a few minutes. He went on to say, "See, that's advertising for you. There's hardly any recall." I agreed with him then. But now I don't. If you ask people to name three political news headlines they've seen today, chances are good that they'll be stumped on that question too. That, dear readers, is selection bias.


BTW, as the first three lines show, I seem to fare better on ad recall than the news recall :-( I hope advertising turns out to be a good elective next term.


Sangeetha said...

hv u seen the Tea Board ads?! I find them quite good...

ya I too hope Adv to be fun in Term 7....let's c!

educatedunemployed said...

I always thought KitKat was health food. ...:D :P

And I agree with Sangeeta I totally love the tea borad ads.

chiranth said...

Ewww... how can you like the tea board ads?!? They make me feel like never having tea again!

educatedunemployed said...

Eww u..

Definitely not a tea drinker..:P

Anonymous said...

i love watching ads on TV, and @ times turn it on just to watch them.
Just love the creativity of hutch ads:) Apart from that Nokia and offlate sony erricson also is doin gud!

Hitha's Space said...

Hutch ad is really cute. Even the new airtel ad "Julie I love u" is adorable. Thums up is a man drink since when?

chiranth said...

check out the latest ThumsUp ad featuring Kunal Kapoor.

Hitha's Space said...

Oh I havent seen that ad. I have seen one with akshay kumar hollering from a lighthouse. which looked totally retarded. Even Bank of india ad is nice abt pension cheque.

honestly ad now are hardly rem unlike old ones like washing powder nirma or surf ad or complan :)

'jo said...

what about XBox?....that was something refreshing!