Saturday, 14 February 2009

FastTrack gone offtrack with its advertising?

Radio One was recently airing some advertising for FastTrack’s new Army Collection. They were inviting women to send in jingles that go with a marching tune, and played a sample jingle on air. Here are the lyrics to that sample:
Get up and leave
if he tries to kiss your hand
He’s a one-girl man;
He ain’t a one-night stand
Corollary: if one comes across a girl wearing a Fast Track army watch, can one presume she is looking for a one-night-stand?

Jokes apart, why would FastTrack want to restrict their customer base to an ultra-liberal crowd instead of having mass appeal to the entire 18-25 age group, irrespective of how conservative/liberal they are, irrespective of what their preferences in relationships are? Does their advertising tactic make sense for a consumer products' company?


Anonymous said...

i think the point of the jingle is to say "please pity us by seeing how bad our current jingle is, and do something about it QUICKLY, before my idiot boss okays it and we have to hear it on radio and television for the next 5 years!"

alternatively, they might not be thinking straight.

there's also the possibility that the lyrics are trying to tell women to stop being evil with weak-willed-but-committed men, just because they can.


A Line of Thought said...

Yikes! What kind of a jingle is that?! Haven't heard it yet, but hate it anyway. I liked their older ads, in which they asked "So how many do you have?" In fact, that line prompted me to realize that they are affordable enough to own a couple more :)

Anonymous said...

update, boy!

Anonymous said...

The kind of advertsing currently going on radio one is cheap and luring the youth into doing or being someone they are not...or at least most of them. It's a shame to see what people can stoop down just to prmote their product and make money...I'm a young guy and I like listening to radio one but who are these guys trying to fool....I was shocked to hear the kind of ads that are being aired for fastrack products....ok i'm not a holy guy nor a an actvist of the ram sene but at least think about the children listening to radio one....I'm just a common guy sharing my disgust on "fastrack" or shall I say "the fatafat generation"....I think the radio one "big shots" and the fastrack guys are nothing more than morons.

chiranth said...


I appreciate your sentiment, but I don't quite share it.

I mean, there's a lot of trashy stuff out there in Indian media - with item numbers and what not. And Radio One is no different. They are merely catering to what the market demands. Anyway, that's a much can of worms. Drop in another comment if you have more thoughts.

i don't know what to write about.

chiranth said...


"much bigger can of worms"