Thursday, 16 November 2006

She said he said she said...

..that so-and-so are seeing each other.

Now, I know these two quite well.. and I'm really surprised they didn't tell me themselves. It's not like I'd go and tell people and start gossipping. I might blog about it though, but that's not the same as gossipping.

Bottomline - A party's due!!


Swapnil Nadkar said...

is this connected to ISB? if yes, can i hazard a guess? if i'm correct, can i be invited for the party? :)

chiranth said...

"Yes" to the first.
"Please don't, not yet; they're still hiding", to the second.
"The couple would, if they do decide to come out of hiding", to the third.

educatedunemployed said...

As the offical hounder of all ISB blogs will I be invited to the party too? ..:P

Some times it isn't about us but about them and hence not everything should be taken personally.Amen!

chiranth said...

Some times it isn't about us but about them

Very true. That's why I still haven't confronted them face-to-face :-)

Anonymous said...

r both of them frm ISB? Can i get to know offline?! ;)


chiranth said...


sure.. your quaddie knows too :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah dude. I'm not even in the same section and I can still say I know :-)

ankur said...

omg...u guys r sick..!!! kissi ki personal life ko sadka pe nanga karte hue sharam nahi aati...????

any chance i wud know these people..?? any chance even if i dont...i cant get to know them...??


chiranth said...


to the first question: absolutely not.

to the second: I think you do. If I'm right, you reviewed her resume :-)