Friday, 18 August 2006

Cast Away

The architect in the previous post lies bedridden with a cast on his left leg.

And here's how it happened.

Wednesday night - basketball court - section-C playing the TAs. The TAs start scoring left, right and center.. A scores two three-pointers to make the TAs race up the points ladder. At half-time, Sec-C decides it's time for more aggressive tactics. Chi-boy alternates with N to play point guard. Amidst the familiar chants of "Sec-C! Sec-C!!", we make a few successful shots and play some good defence to bring down score difference to six.

Then comes a defensive rebound which Chi-boy tries to grab. In mid-air, his ankle gets twisted between two other players and bang! he hits the hard concrete on his right shoulder. Chi gets replaced and the game continues... well, I don't remember much of the game as I was more worried about the ice-pack. But I did see J convert a few great shots. And yeah, not to forget R. He was all over the TAs.

We lost 47-37 eventually, but we're happy we gave the game a good shot.

Turns out that the twisting of the ankle resulted in a torn ligament. And a cast.

Casts apart, thanks to all who've helped me out yesterday & today.. K, A,
N, Adi, R, Dee, Tutu, Disco, Sid, Laks, V, Mu, Major, my quaddies (of course), and lots of other names (I'm sure I haven't recollected all). And thanks to all my classmates who've tried their artistic talents on my cast. It doesn't look like a work of Picasso, but definitely beats the boring white :-)


Anonymous said...

sorry to hear this; how long in the cast ?

chiranth said...

The cast will be on for about two weeks, but I should be able to move around on a wheelchair by Monday (hopefully).

ankur said...

ohhh...tht sucks..! but dont give up dude..! life is amazing when a cast is on..! :)

chiranth said...

tell me 'bout it! yesterday, I was woken up by four pretty maidens. One doesn't get that kind of treatment without a cast.

Anonymous said...

enjoy all the attention while it lasts! Won't be for long...ha..ha

Suresh S said...
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Suresh S said...

sorry to hear abt that chiranth. get well soon!

chiranth said...

thanks, Suresh