Sunday, 29 January 2006

Avian visitor

When I woke up today (at my usual Sunday wake-up time of 1:00 PM), I had a nice surprise waiting for me. An owl sat perched on a beam in our verandah, and it was quite a sight to see. Apparently, it'd been there from last night. About one-foot in height, it was quite a magnificent-looking creature. I learned later from a friend that it was a spotted-owl. I’m not sure the status of the bird, as a species I mean.

Anyway, I took some snaps on my SLR camera, which is not a digital one (unfortunately). So, I’ll be posting the snaps of our avian friend as soon as I have the pictures developed.

The owl flew away soon after sunset.


arjun said...

There are all kinds of stuffed owl models at Rice. It would have been an ominous thing in India, but its our Mascot here representing Wisdom...Where are the snaps?

chiranth said...

I haven't yet exhausted my film.. haven't found any more owls to pose for me :D

Once I exhaust my film, I need to get it developed, and I'm a bit lazy doing that... so, you'll have to wait.

Vaish said...

Aha! Owl-post!

And where _are_ the snaps?