Thursday, 10 November 2005

Missed Call

Here's a post I'd sent to our class mailing list a few days back....

"Chiranth, give me a missed call." Sure, no problem.
But please tell me what a missed call means, will
you? As far as I know, I can only give you a call.
It's up to you to miss it, intentionally or not. I
cannot create any special magic or dial any special
buttons on my cell phone to transform a regular call
to a missed call. It is you, the receiver who
decides which calls to miss -- am I right?

In the days of the good old land lines, we used to
term these as "blank calls". Yeah, it's true that if
I call up a number and disconnect, it shows up as a
missed call on a mobile -- but that still doesn't
count as a "missed call". It was a matter of chance
that the receiver did not receive the call before I
disconnected, wasn't it?

So please, do me a favour, and if you want to store
my number in your mobile, just ask that I dictate it.
Please don't ask me to give anyone a "missed call".

I've griped enough, I'll shut up now.



Anonymous said...
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Vivek Krishna said...

"give me a missed call" ->much abused phrase..oxymoron