Thursday, 1 December 2005

Mah Jong

I've been hooked on to a game called Mah Jong for the last week or so. Have been playing it on the Excite website. Site needs javascript and flash.

Here's how one plays it. You've got a bunch of tiles that are arranged in semi-pyramidal structure. The idea is to remove two tiles at a time, as long as they have the same face (they should represent the same figure, or should have the same theme, e.g. seasons or flowers). The catch is that you're allowed to remove only the tiles located edges -- it doesn't matter if the two tiles that you remove are in different layers. The objective is to be able to remove all tiles from the board.

And it took me a week to win my first game, and here's the screenshot before the last move. I think my score was around 900, too bad Excite refreshed the window a bit too fast when I'd finished.

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